Why TJM XGS Shock Absorbers?

What are shock absorbers?

The shock absorbers on your 4×4 have the responsibility of controlling the springs on your 4wd’s suspension system. The springs could be coil, leaf or torsion bars. Without shock absorbers fitted to your 4×4, your vehicle with bounce around uncontrollably over the smallest bumps. Your 4wd’s weight would shift dangerously as it goes around corners making you lose control. As your 4×4’s springs compresses, it then must rebound. It is the job of the shock absorber to control or slow down the rebound so that the vehicle becomes stable.

TJM vs Factory shock absorbers

Your 4wd’s factory shock absorbers are created to suit a budget rather than giving optimum performance. This results in you potentially not being to add any additional weight that you may add to your 4wd. Your factory shock absorbers usually have a much shorter lifespan due to its small internal bore, thin weak build and cheap design.

 Why TJM?

TJM XGS shock abosorbers
TJM XGS shock absorbers are designed and engineered to provide even the most avid off-roader not only a significant improvement on the factory offering but more importantly will be up to the task for years to come. Every TJM XGS shock absorber is engineered and design to suit the Australian 4x4s and the unique Australian environmental conditions.

Every TJM XGS Shock Absorber features:

  • Large 40mm bore
  • Tough 20mm chrome plated rod
  • High performance quality seal
  • High grade oil for long lasting performance
  • Backed by a 3 year/ 100,000km warranty


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