What you should pack in your 4×4 recovery kit

Murphy was a smart bloke – he said “what can go wrong will go wrong” – and there’s hazards a plenty when you’re going bush, the outback, or in the rainforest with your 4WD. But what should you have in your recovery kit? Here are the essentials:

Slings and straps

If you’re going out with your 4WD, you need slings and straps. It’s non-negotiable. If you require recovery, you will need slings and straps. A literal “do not leave home without them” item. Your straps should include a snatch strap, a winch extension strap and a tree trunk protector. A snatch strap will help you pull you or other vehicles out of sticky situations and back on the road. You’ll also need D-shackles or bow shackles to secure everything together. They should be rated for at least 4.75 tonnes, to reduce the risk of snapping (and it becoming a highly potent missile.) A winch may also be preferable, for self-recovery.

You should also install rated recovery points to make this task easier – at least one in the front and back.

TJM Snatch Strap Kit Heavy Duty

Pictured: TJM Snatch Strap Kit Heavy Duty

Tyre pressure gauge and air compressor

Different terrain will need different pressure – especially if you’re going over softer ground or are encountering bulldust. A tyre pressure gauge will let you know exactly what pressure you’re at before you traverse unstable ground. This might be rocks, mud, sand, or low-lying water. You should have a guide to what tyre pressure your tyres are rated to and what percentages work best. You should also have an air compressor to quickly re-fill your tyres when going back over solid ground. Driving with deflated tyres on normal roads can damage them – so make sure you can pack one!


You will need a full-length shovel to aid you in any recovery you might do. A fold-up trench shovel won’t cut it – get a long-handled shovel to make the job a little bit easier. You can also use your recovery tracks as a shovel for when you need to dig sand out from in front of your tyres.

Pictured: Maxtrax Recovery Tracks (Image credit: Dean McCartney)

Jack and base plate

A jack and base plate can help you change a flat tyre, and they also give you the ability to lift your vehicle out of a bog hole (or holes, as two tyres might be stuck in!) The base plate will stop the jack sinking into the mud or bog – so you can’t have one without the other!

UHF radio or independent communication device

If all your recovery attempts fail, or if you need to notify a convoy, you’ll need a UHF radio as a precaution. It’s good to get updates from other 4WDers as well. Also a GSM mobile won’t cut it either – you’ll need a satellite phone at the minimum to help you out  of trouble. However handsets and calls can be expensive.

HF AKA CB (Citizen Band) Radios

Pictured: UHF AKA CB (Citizen Band) Radios

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