What To Do When You See Bumps On A 4WD Track

What to do when you see bumps on a 4wd track

You can buy 4×4 accessories for virtually any problem you can encounter on a 4×4 off-road trek. One of those problems is driving on a long track that is full of corrugations. As a 4×4 off-roader in Australia, you will be no stranger to the lumps and bumps in the road. These are lovingly called corrugations. These lumps and bumps can play havoc with your shock absorbers and suspension. Aside from turning around and going back the way you came (not an option). There are things that you can do to reduce the damage and make the ride a bit more comfortable.


Having a tyre designed for bumpy terrain will go some way in helping you handle the bumpy road. What really is important is to alter your tyre pressure. The point of deflating tyres is to reduce the pressure on your suspension. The release in air means that the tyres will be more malleable over the corrugations and cause them to act like giant cushions. Another consideration is that the heat generated from going over the corrugation will also increase the tyre pressure.

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Getting the right speed can be tricky. The general consensus is the faster the better. This is because your wheels plane over the corrugations and will have less contact. The downside is that with increased speed comes less control, the ability to safely brake and turn are also diminished. It all comes down to finding the right balance of comfort, damage reduction and control. It’s OK to go a bit faster when you are on the straight but don’t forget to slow down to manage corners.


Being prepared for driving in the Australian outback means being prepared to come across a lot of corrugation. This means setting your 4×4 up with good suspension and shock absorbers. 4×4 accessories that you might want to take a look at is heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers, control arms and suspension mounts. Over the years improvements have been made to suspension and shock systems, which mean that they better dispel heat. Adjustable shocks that can be adapted depending on the severity of the corrugation on the road are another option.

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Pictured: Tough Dog Suspension Kits aka Tough Dog Lift Kits

4×4 accessories

In order to get through the Australian terrain and in particular remote regions, it is important to carry and use the best 4×4 accessories and equipment that you can afford to buy. Some other accessories you need for roads with corrugation include a pressure gauge for your tyres. You could find yourself deflating and re-inflating your tyres on numerous occasions. You’ll be grateful for an effective and quick way to do it.

Corrugations are an inevitable part of the 4×4 journey, the best way to protect yourself and your vehicle from jitter damage is to be prepared with the right 4×4 accessories and drive with the right balance of tyre pressure and speed.

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