Western Australia Road Trip to Sandy Cape/ Leeman

Western Australia off-road trip Prado beach view 3

Western Australia Road Trip

We took the TJM Perth Prado out on a road trip last weekend to Sandy Cape then Leeman after. We thought this will be a good chance to cover some of the 4×4 accessories that were used during the trip and also cover the offroad tracks that we went through along with the place that we camped at. We left fairly late around 5pm on a Friday night (NOT RECOMMENDED) due to work commitments. We took a drive up to Sandy Cape starting from the Perth Metro area. There were two stops along the way to pick people up and pack with a toilet/stretch break in between in Lancelin. Here is a look on what 4×4 accessories we had:

TJM Perth Prado

Toyota Prado 150 series with an Explorer Bull Bar and Tracklander tent topper



Bushman Fridge with Outback Accessories rear drawers

We had the Bushman Original fridge and Outback Accessories rear drawers


Bushman connected to Dual Battery System

The Bushman Orginal connected to our Dual Battery System. Keeping our beers cold throughout the trip!


Dual Battery System monitor

Dual Battery System monitor that displays the battery levels to make sure you don’t get stuck

The great thing about the Bushman is that it comes with a 7 and 10-litre high lid giving you the option to have a lot more space! Here’re a couple photos to give you an idea.

Bushman capacity

We fit a carton of beer in here along with some groceries and there was still space for a bit more!


Bushman 7 and 10 litre lids

Bushman 7 and 10-litre lids

We arrived in Lancelin around 8:30pm and the petrol station there was already closed at the time (7:30pm). Luckily the Bottleshop was still open and the owner/manager was kind enough to let us use his restroom and we had a little nice chat. We arrived at Sandy Cape around around 10:30pm and it was fairly dark. Due to the recent rise in popularity of this place, there were many people there already  set up so we drove around a bit to find a spot for ourselves, luckily we had the some HID spotlights to help us navigate through.


Setting up the TJM Awning

Another one of the few mistakes we made was not bringing enough portable lights. We had only one light with us so setting up was a bit harder than it had to be. Luckily our phone lights were fairly bright but definitely did not cut it. We spent the night here but decided to move further north after daylight because of the crowd.


The one light we did have

The next morning we packed our things up and decided to leave. Before we left we quickly went to have a look at the beach and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Sandy Cape beach

We know why this place has become so popular!


Sandy Cape beach 2

Take 2

The second place we camped at was between Green Head and Leeman. Here is the Google map location link for those who are interested. It is an off-road track so make sure that your vehicle is equipped to go in there. Our Prado has TJM XGS suspension and Mickey Thompson tyres attached that definitely made the ride a lot easier.

Mickey Thompson Tyres Prado

One of (some say the) best tyres for 4x4s

Here’s a short video of our trip

We set up camp in a great spot with less than 10m walk from the beach. It was fairly windy at the time so setting up our tents and awning was a bit of a hassle but it was definitely worth it. Also, there was NO ONE else in the area so we had it all to ourselves! Here are some photos of the view and where we set up:

Leeman beach view

The view from where we were camping

Leeman beach view

Not bad right?

Western Australia Road Trip We didn’t feel the need to bring any jerry cans as the drive wasn’t too long and there is a petrol station up in Jurien Bay but it did give us some extra space to store a few things.

Outback Accessories jerry can holder

Outback Accessories twin jerry can holder

Good to have a spare wheel carrier to free up space in your boot!

Here is where we set up camp, which is about 10m or so from the  beach

TJM Awning prado 2

There was a lot of wind but the TJM Awning held up


Leeman offroad camp setup

View of where we set up camp

The next day we decided to explore the off-road track a little bit, here is a quick video of our little adventure.


Here are photos of the beach when exploring the track a bit further north.

Western Australia off-road trip Prado beach view

Western Australia off-road trip Prado beach view 2

Western Australia off-road trip Prado beach view 3

Western Australia off-road trip beach view 1

Western Australia off-road trip Prado beach view 2

Overall it was an awesome trip and would definitely recommend anyone to check out the place. A Lesson learned is to make sure you bring more lights and leave earlier as setting up camp in the dark is NOT fun. When going on a Western Australia road trip, a couple things to have handy is a tyre repair kit and first aid kit, thank goodness we did not have to use them though. http://www.lovetheoutdoors.com/camping/checklists.htm – A great checklist to go through before going on a road trip (we should’ve used this)

tjm tyre repair kit

TJM tyre repair kit

Thank all for reading, we hope to see you around the shop soon! 🙂