Why should you upgrade your 4×4 suspension?

tjm suspension kit display

So you may heard about upgrading your 4×4 suspension or getting a lift kit and wonder why it may or may not be necessary for you. Here are a few good reasons when you should consider upgrading your 4wd’s suspension.

  1. Addition of accessories – Are you adding a bull bar, winch, other vehicle protection or any other gear that may be adding weight on to your vehicle? If the answer is yes, you may need to upgrade your suspension as your factory suspension may not be able to take on the extra load and will affect the way your vehicle performs on and off-road.
  2. Additional lift – This is how the term “lift kit” came about as upgrading the suspension on your 4wd will give your 4×4 additional ride height to achieve more clearance under the vehicle to prevent damage to your 4wd and to the environment.
  3. Added safety – Adding accessories such as a bull bar, winch and even driving lights and dual battery kit will have an adverse effect on your 4×4’s vehicle performance and handling both on and off-road. Adding an appropriate suspension upgrade such as the TJM XGS Suspension Kit will restore the braking and handling of your 4×4 (in most cases even  improved).


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