Transform Your School-Runner Into the Ultimate Off-Roader


You might have had lofty goals for your 4×4, imagining yourself a Bush Tucker Man or Malcolm Douglas setting off to uncharted outback lands or rambling up steep rainforest hills. Instead, you’re stuck in concrete jungles, doing the school or milk run. A waste of fine automotive engineering, we figure. But if it’s a lack of accessories holding you back from off-road glory, here are some of the 4×4 accessories that’ll transform your school-runner into the ultimate off-road dream.

Your Recovery Kit

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, you cannot go anywhere without a recovery kit. A recovery kit is essential to 4×4 off-roading, just as your lungs are to living. A recovery kit can vary, but it should have slings and straps, such as a snatch strap, a winch extension strap and a tree trunk protector. You’ll also need D-shackles or bow shackles, a tyre-pressure gauge and air compressor for letting out and blowing up tyres, a jack and base plate, a sturdy shovel, and a UHF radio or communication device independent of the cellular GSM network, for when you’re really in trouble. We sell specialised recovery kits here, to make life easier.


Pictured: Heavy Duty Recovery Kit

Off-road suspension upgrade

Unless you specified that you wanted off-road suspension at the dealership, your 4×4 will come with standard suspension. This will not cut the mustard when it comes to hard rock, soft ground, and non-smooth, bitumen paved surfaces. You’ll have to find a 4×4-suspension specialist to tweak and upgrade your suspension so it’s off-road ready. This isn’t something you should skimp on – it determines where your 4WD can handle.


Bull bar

A bull bar (also known as a roo bar) is necessary for off-roading to protect your vehicle against animal strikes. The bull bar you choose must fit your 4×4 and be strong enough to withstand great force. They should also have room to mount LED driving lights or winches; or you can get into a lot of trouble.


If you’re going across water or bulldust, a snorkel is essential for supplying clean air into your engine. Most snorkels, like the Aussie-built and bred Airtec Snorkel will prevent a flooded engine from ruining a great river or lake crossing. It can also filter out fine particles, which may clog your intake and lead to an engine overheating.

Other Bits and Pieces

Other helpful bits and pieces is your 12v fridge for keeping the essentials cool – water and food as well. You should also consider a roof rack for extra storage keeping the back free, as well as drawers for tools and other accessories that you may need within a moment’s notice. (Better yet: no more cursing with a torch in your mouth looking for a compressor hose or your tyre gauge.)


To find out more about TJM’s range of essential 4×4 accessories for off-roading, talk to one of our friendly 4×4 experts. You can contact us on (08) 9331 2788 or visit our store at 9 Pritchard St, O’Connor WA 6163 Australia.