TJM Perth offers Trade and Fleet services to 4×4 vehicle dealerships or 4×4 accessories shops. We look after our business clients the same as we do to our retail customers and we value our business relationships. Our current trade and fleet partners have been dealing with us for years because we always take ownership of every job provided and treat them with the care and respect that they rightly deserve.

4×4 vehicle dealerships:

We work with 4×4 vehicle dealerships such as Isuzu Motors to provide aftermarket 4×4 accessories and fittings so that they are able to provide an all-in-one solution for their customers who purchase new/used 4×4’s from their dealership. The customer then only has to make one transaction and your dealership will also profit from the accessories sale. We provide fitting services as well.

4×4 accessories shops and brokers:

We resell TJM and other quality 4×4 accessories to 4×4 accessories shops and brokers.We also deliver products to resellers from regional areas who want to be able to offer TJM and other quality 4×4 accessories to their customers

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