Top Reasons To Use A 4WD When Exploring Australia


Imagine the scene. You’ve planned your trip to explore Australia to the finest detail, you’ve planned your 4×4 Driving route. You know where you’ll be setting up camp each night. How much fuel you’ll need. You’ve packed clothes, supplies and emergency kits. You’ve cleaned the Ford Focus and checked her for oil leaks.

Yes, there is something majorly wrong with the picture we just set. There is no way you or your average car would survive more than a few kilometres (and that’s being generous), on Australia’s amazingly exciting 4×4 driving routes. Here are the top reasons a 4WD is the only way to explore Australia.

Get Anywhere You Want

Australia has some of the most exhilarating areas of terrain for 4WD action. With awesome rock climbs and descents, as well as mud and water crossing, you will not be short of a few thrills. 4WD’s are designed to tackle this stuff. They are built for off-roading and hammering through tough terrain. Everything from the tread on the tyres, low-end torque design and gearing makes 4×4 off-roading safer and easier. There is no shortage of 4×4 accessories to ensure your 4×4 meets the exact specifications you need for any trip. Not forgetting the important kit essentials for recovery such as a quality winch, straps and jack. A 4WD will enable you to get to the best locations that you just can’t get to in any other vehicle.


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Your 4×4 does not just handle the off-road. You will have the option to switch to a 2Wd to drive on the road too. The versatility means that there is no limit to where or which parts of Australia you want to explore. There is also the option to modify your 4wd with some 4×4 accessories that will make it custom made for your road trip. Making modifications depending on what your plans are is fundamental to a successful and enjoyable off-road trek. For instance, you might need a strong bull bar if you’re expecting to travel in areas where you are at increased risk of animal strikes, or a well-designed snorkel for crossing rivers.


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You are just never going to fit everything you need in your average 2WD road vehicle. 4WD by design are made to have plenty of space so you can keep everything you need with you. Fitting in your passengers and all of your kit comfortably. Meaning you can feel reassured that should anything happen you have everything with you. Including an extra set of undies for when you nearly tip your vehicle on the steepest descent of your life.

You cannot compare a 4×4 to any other vehicle for off-road and proper exploration of Australia. The only way to get to the best beaches, fishing spots and views, is in a 4×4. If it’s not up to scratch straight out of the factory then some simple 4×4 accessories will get it exactly how you need it. The space, versatility and general awesomeness of a 4×4 is all you need for exploring Australia.


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