Top 4×4 Campsites in Western Australia

Top 4x4 Campsites in Western Australia

Western Australia is a 4×4 off roaders paradise. With mesmerising views of different beaches and landscape it’s not something you want to rush. Not all off-road tracks are designed to be done in a day. From time to time there’s nothing better than hitting the road and camping your way from one destination to the next, taking in as many amazing trails and experiences you can away from the hub of the city. Planning which 4×4 Accessories you need will depend on the type of trip you intend to take. If you’re planning desert roads or beach areas, you could opt for a caravan. If you’re travelling somewhere different every day, you won’t want to be pitching a tent every day, so a rooftop tent is a good option. Either way, there are some awesome destinations found in Western Australia.

Gibb River Road

This is a 660km long dirt track at the bottom of Kimberly National Park. The route has some spectacular scenery and freshwater gorges for you to get out of your 4wd for. The Gibb River Road takes you through varying terrain from flat plains to rugged treks, so there’s something for everyone. There is a list of places to visit and camp at along the Gibb River Road. Some of these are: Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Bell Gorge and Mornington Wilderness Park. Planning is essential as there is a significant distance between stops where you can fill your tank. Also take plenty of drinking water. As with any camping trip, some campsites will need you to pre-book. Food and petrol might be pricier than in the city, which is something us 4wd’ers are familiar with. You might consider one of your 4×4 accessories being an extra fuel tank.

Gibb River Road

D’Entrecasteaux National Park

Sitting around 200kms south of Perth is the D’Entrecasteaux National Park, which has some great fishing and several beachside campsites. One of these is Yeagarup Hut, a campsite accessible only by 4WD. There is no shortage of beaches and coastal cliffs to navigate as well as various forests and timber reserves. It remains a remote area so be prepared.


Nearer to Perth

You only have to travel an hour or so out of the city of Perth to find some great 4×4 camping spots. Walyunga National Park is one of them. About an hour northeast of Perth, Walyunga national park has many of the camping facilities needed for a quick and simple 4×4 getaway. South of Perth has Lane Poole Reserve, where there are numerous campsites to choose from. Murray River runs through Lane Poole reserve making it a great spot for fishing, canoeing, or a swim. There are plenty of tracks for your 4wd or a mountain bike if you wanted to switch to 2 wheels for the day. There is a National Park camping fee, but this is reasonable and worth it for the pleasure of such great surroundings.

Whether you want to stay nearer to the city or take a long trip through the bush, WA has some of the best 4×4 campsites in the country.

Nearer to Perth

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