Why TJM Coil Springs?

What are coil springs?

The coil springs are responsible for the shift from an agriculture uncomfortable vehicle to the plush, quiet and pleasant environment that the cab of a 4wd is today.

Why upgrade?

One of the most common reasons to upgrade your 4×4 suspension kit is the addition of 4×4 accessories to your vehicle. These 4wd accessories include vehicle protection bars (bull bar, scrub bars, side steps, rear bars etc..), winches, dual batteries or any other type of 4×4 gear that will add on substantial weight to your vehicle. Adding weight to your vehicle can affect how the vehicle handles, stops and performs both on and off road.

Why TJM?

TJM coil springs are engineered to provide from the  avid off-roaders to tradesmen or family men a significant upgrade from its factory offering and one that will last for years ahead. They are designed and engineered to suit the tough Australian environment and outback conditions.

If that hasn’t already sold you, how about that TJM coil springs are backed by a nationwide limited lifetime warranty!

TJM Coil Spring Suspension

Every TJM XGS Coil Spring:

  • Has a durable finish
  • Is load tested
  • Has strict tolerances
  • Is double scragged

Benefits of TJM XGS Suspensions

  • Gain of lost ground clearance from adding weight
  • Road holding and predictability restored
  • Diving under braking will be eliminated
  • Additional lift and raised right height

Contact Us

Upgrading your suspension kit can be a complicating matter especially if you are new to 4wding. If you want some advice or recommendations on upgrading your 4wd suspension, come visit our store at 9 Pritchard St, O’Connor WA 6163 or give us a call on (08) 9331 2788