Why TJM Bull Bars?


If you are new to 4×4 Accessories or you have just heard of TJM, you might be wondering why do people choose us?

Here are a few reasons.

  1. Pioneers of the 4×4 Accessories industry – In 1973 Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer started the first QUALITY 4WD accessories company in Australia. It started off with a few mates making custom bars for their friends growing into an international business because of its superior quality and attractive design. 

  2. Designed in Australia and tested to suit Australian 4×4 conditions and Australian terrain – As many people know, we have some of the unique environments in the world here in Australia so what better place to test your 4×4 accessories. TJM produces some of the best bull bars for the Australian environment and terrain.
  3. Value for money – All of our Signature, Outback, Explorer and Frontier bull bars have top specs features including integrated fog lights and a large number of bars have rated recovery points included, saving you $300-$400 you would spend on additional features with another bull bar brand.

    TJM Outback Bull Bar suit Mitsubishi Triton MN recovery point

    Rated recovery point for the Outback Bull Bar for the Triton MQ

  4. Winch compatibility – Majority (90% or more) of our bars are winch compatible allowing you more freedom of choice when selecting a bar if you are planning on getting, or already have a winch. 
    TJM Outback Bull Bar suit Toyota Landcruiser 70+ series recovery

    Our winch frame is engineered to accommodate a variety of winches [pic. 79 series]

  5. Design – TJM’s engineers spend countless of hours designing its bars to look stylish while giving ultimate protection at the same time. The detail and precision provide TJM with the edge when it comes to bull bars. Have a look at the pictures below to see our bull bar features.

Outback Bar feature

outback bar feature details

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