The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Installing a 4X4 Snorkel


When asked why they won’t install a snorkel on their prized 4×4, some of the more stubborn among the 4×4 community will fold their arms, thrust their noses into the air and say, “Well, I just won’t go across rivers or lakes – problem solved.” But is that the end of the story? With most things in life, it’s far from the end – in fact there are many benefits to installing a snorkel on your 4×4 even if you never intend to climb every cloud-capped mountain or ford every stream you come across. In this blog post we discuss some of the not-so-obvious benefits of installing a 4×4 snorkel.

4x4 in deep water

Increase engine efficiency

A combustion engine, as the term suggests needs oxygen and fuel to mix and create a miniature explosive force to drive your engine. Contaminants from particles and water means more force, or fuel, is required to make the requisite force. So a snorkel mounted at the top of your 4×4 will draw in more uncontaminated and cool air. Air taken in around the engine bay will be hot and contain particles of grease and dust collected as your vehicle drives forward. Cool air from above the engine manifold will contain more oxygen and therefore ensure a cleaner burning combustion from your engine. That means more power when you really need it, and increased fuel efficiency most of the time. In that regard, over time, your snorkel will pay for itself in saved fuel.

Prevent Dust Clogging Your Engine

Driving through bulldust can wreak havoc with your internals, and a snorkel can prevent dust and other micro particles entering your engine and breaking what’s inside. Since dust is a particle, it will cluster around the bottom of your vehicle due to gravity. An elevated snorkel will take in more dust-free air more often than your usual air intake. It not only increases fuel efficiency in these cases but also keeps air filters clean, which requires less stopping and starting to remove dust and/or replacements. Also, remember filters aren’t 100% either – which means contaminants can still make their way into your engine. Reducing the likelihood of dust creeping in keeps your engine from requiring major maintenance and avoids breakdowns.

4x4 driving through dust

Ensure Peak Performance in Rain

Even if you aren’t crossing rivers or driving through high tides, a snorkel is still a great way to improve engine efficiency in heavy rain. Just like dust, water can impede your engine’s ability to make a clean burn if it’s picking up water along with the usual oxygen mix. A snorkel that filters out water during rain will supply more oxygen and more power or torque to the engine. Again, it improves overall efficiency during wet conditions, saving you fuel.

4x4 using snorkel in deep water


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