Review from Lloyd F


I handed my pride and joy over to TJM for 3 days. I managed to get on to the Easter sale and received a pretty good deal and some scrub bars thrown in for free.
They fitted
•   T13 bar
•   Side steps
•   Scrub bars
•   Snorkel
•   Pioneer platform roof rack
•   Tow hitch
•   Dual battery
•   Anderson plug for trailer as well as solar panel
•   Another 12v plug in the back for the fridge wired to the aux battery.
Was turned around as I know I could have fitted pretty much all of it myself, though I am very time poor at the moment. With this I left my new pride and joy in another’s hands. It was a long 3 days and a relief to pick it up knowing that it was all done and ready to go.

TJM in O’Connor were very professional and brilliant through the whole process. Cannot say enough about their customer service, their response to my queries and the overall quality of the work conducted. Would highly recommend them to anyone in Perth. Oh yeah, the bar work is solid as a rock. :notworthy:
I really would have liked a tradesman rack though by the time I shipped it over the pioneer platform was about the same in price fitted. (TJM did a pretty good package all up) This also meant I would be able to have it fitted with all the other work – convenient and I’m time poor.
The next weekend we were on our way on our first trip in the MUX. Was very happy with the way the car performed. I almost resisted putting the scrub bars on as the wife said they looked fugly, though knowing a lot of the coastal tracks and goat trails I tend to go off and explore, and the amount I used them on my other vehicle,  I had them fitted. Good thing as I did push it through some tight places and upon return to the city the better half had booked it in to have the scratches polished out.
The side steps served their purpose as I rested the car on them on several occasions (I know, they are not rock sliders) and they felt really firm and solid. If I had the factory steps on I probably would have been tying them to the roof rack!!!
The HT tires are a let-down off road so an order for some rims and tyres will be in the near future, though after the trip I measured my front end and it has dropped over 35mm and she is feeling a bit soft and saggy and not real nice on the tarmac (especially when wet).  So I now have booked it in for some Billy’s and Kings next week to make it a bit firmer – got a good deal, and if anyone in Perth is interested give Arnie at Autoride Suspensions a call – he has been fitting family and friends suspensions (Mainly rural and farmers) for nearly 30 years, not one bad complaint yet…., that I know of!!!! :cup:

So I have fallen down the rabbit hole and the slippery slope of mods.  Someone help me, does it ever end?