xray vision quad optic led driving lights displayxray vision quad optic led driving lights display

*Xray Vision Quad Optic LED driving lights



Quad Optic LED driving lights:

These are driving lights aka spotlights which are best for use in semi-rural areas. You may not get the same range as the HID lights but you will get a much wider spread thanks to the powerful 10W CREE LED, perfect for Coastal and Hinterland driving.

xray vision quad optic led driving lights specs

The Xray Vision LED Linear Driving Lights Range (Refer to pictures for details):

  • 245 Series 60W LED
  • 220-C Series 60W LED (chrome plated front housing)
  • 220 Series 60W LED
  • 175 Series 60W LED
  • 125 Series 40W LED


  • All come in Electrostatically coated die-cast alloy body
  • Have the choice for clear lens pencil or spread beam
  • The series number indicates the length of lights in mm
  • Distance of each model listed in the pictures

Suitable for

Interstate highway trucks
Touring 4WDs
Family off-road wagons


3 Years from Xray Vision