Tough Dog suspensionTough Dog suspension

Tough Dog Suspension Kit aka Tough Dog Lift Kits in Perth



At TJM Perth we provide the entire range of tough dog suspension kits (also known as tough dog lift kits).

Tough Dog is a trusted and reliable brand that has been around since 1984 and distributes to over 28 countries. They have also recently won the “Best Shock Absorber” award from 4wd Action Magazine to certify their place as one of the top providers in the market.


Tough Dog suspension kits have great warranty to give you peace of mind.

53mm Ralph (standard use)3 Years/60,000km
53mm Ralph (IFS 100 Series)2 Years/40,000km
53mm Ralph (Commercial Use)1 Year/20,000km
45mm Adjustable (up to 2” Lift)2 Years/40,000km
45mm Adjustable (above 2” lift)1 Year/20,000km
45mm Adjustable (Commercial Use)1 Year/20,000km
Foam/Gas/40mm Adj (standard use)2 Year/40,000km
Foam/Gas/40mm Adj (above 2” lift)1 Year/20,000km
41mm Foam Cell (IFS 100 Series)1 Year/20,000km
RTC/EXT/SV Dampers2 Year/40,000km
Leaf Springs2 Year/40,000km
Coil Springs (up to 2”)3 year/60,000km
Coil Springs (above 2” Lift)No Warranty

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