tjm underbody guard toyota hilux 2011-2015tjm underbody guard toyota hilux 2011-2015

TJM Underbody Guard for Toyota Hilux 2011-2015



TJM Underbody Guard for Toyota Hilux 2011-2015

Front Underbody Guard:

  • Front Underbody Guard
  • Steel
Transmission Guard
  • Colour: Black
  • Drain access hole
  • Press folded in strategic areas for absolute maximum strength
  • Recessed Fastener Heads
  • Steel
  • Steel (3mm)
  • Transmission

Designed to protect the most vulnerable parts underneath your vehicle.

3mm thick steel sheet for ultimate durability and incorporates strategic folds.

Electro-coated for corrosion resistance for up to 500 hours, it also makes the guard more resilient to chipping when getting knocked around unlike its powder coated counter parts.

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