TJM Sidebars & Steps | Toyota Prado 150 Series 2018+ | wholeTJM Sidebars & Steps | Toyota Prado 150 Series 2018+ | whole

TJM Side Steps & Sidebars Suit Toyota Prado 2018+



Sidebars and Steps available separately.

Sidebars are able to be fitted after side steps.

TJM’s 63mmØ air bag compatible (ABC) side bars and steps have arrived for your New Toyota Prado 2018. An extensive engineering development and testing program was undertaken to ensure optimal performance for off road driving and user operation while still providing maximum vehicle safety compliance. In the event of a side impact accident, the unique design of the TJM ABC side step mounts provide a crumple zone that stops the vehicle from deploying air bags unnecessarily. Unnecessary deployment of air bags can cause injury and significant repair costs for the end user. TJM ensures the safety of the end user by engineering accessories in compliance with vehicle OE safety systems.

TJM modular side bars and steps offer excellent wheel arch, flare, sill and panel protection but the unique feature of these modular side bars and steps is, if you choose, you can install just the side steps and then fit the side bar kit at a later date. This unique design is only available through TJM.

› 63mmØ steel tubing
› Styled to complement the Prado 2018’s unique design
› Chassis mounted heavy duty system for increased strength and protection
› Air bag compatible mounting system, does not void your new vehicle warranty
› Provides unrivalled wheel arch, flare, sill & panel protection
› Durable, light weight checker plate steps provide easy access to and from the cab, as well as added side protection

Note. TJM side bars & steps are supplied with a hard
wearing black powder coat.

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