TJM DBM - Dual Battery Management fittedTJM DBM - Dual Battery Management fitted

TJM DBM – Dual Battery Management



The concept of the TJM DBM is not to compete with existing DC/DC converters/chargers on the market, as the unit offers much more than charging from one battery to another. Therefore TJM decided to go after the strong points of the product – Dual Battery Management.

The kit includes the DBM module in combination with the Link Start Kit (LSK) which includes the IBS 200A relay, round Link Start button, 2 MTA fuseholders with 30A fuses, crimp terminals and small wiring kit.


› Fast charge through relay during time alternator charges => up to 100A

› Automatic switch over from relay to DC/DC 23A battery charger to finalise charge

› Remote emergency Link Start from aux battery (activated with Link Start button)

› Automatic winch support with automatic relay link for user with no knowledge

› Supports Li-Type (4 cell) batteries

› 3 or 4 stage charge routine (bulk, absorption, equalise if activated, float)

› 3 different charge levels (LOW, MID, MIGH) selected and saved during installation

› IGN ignition control input (Terminal 15) for cars with smart alternator feature

› 24V/12V operation for truck and military application

› Recommended for trailer battery application to compensate for voltage loss

› Silicone sealed, rugged design to handle engine compartment conditions -40°C to +80°C+

› 9 LEDs for status information

› TJM-DBS (monitor with wiring kit) available with new compatible functionality (Software 8.1) as future option for customers wanting to upgrade


› 2 year warranty

› Made in Switzerland

› Extreme temp protection

› Dust, Splash and Shock proof

› Winch Link Support

› Australia wide support

› 25A charging with 3 or 4 charge modes (Equalise mode selectable if required)

› Ignition sensing

› Control output for IBS link relay

› No heat power reduction

› IPC3 military style design, operation up to 100°C

› Silicon sealed


› Offering more features than any competitors

› A real off-road unit offering all the required integrated features such as Link Start and winch support

› Faster charge than competitors

› No heat reduction when conditions are hot

› Reliable IBS technology – over 15 years

Special Functions

› Fast charge through relay giving maximal charge while alternator is charging

› Automatic winch support

› Emergency link start offering 200A/500A performance

› Manual link with 30 and 120 mins for Pro winching, emergency start and heavy inverter load

› Solar link when solar installed. Main is also charged if enough solar available

› Pro version with IBS monitor 8.1 and 200A relay