tjm battery traytjm battery tray

TJM Battery Tray



While TJM offers a range of Dual Battery Management Systems, TJM also offers the most secure battery trays on the market that are carefully engineered to ensure you get the optimum size battery mounted in the most appropriate location under the bonnet. Where necessary, TJM Battery Trays include sturdy mounting hardware to relocate under bonnet components that may interfere with the positioning of a second battery.

TJM Battery Trays are constructed from 2mm thick steel sheet and all TJM Battery Trays incorporate strategic folds and MIG welds which make them incredibly strong and able to withstand the toughest conditions.

In addition to excellent structural strength, the TJM Battery Tray is electro-coated black with corrosion resistance of up to 500 hours. The advantages of electrocoating over powder coating are that it gets into all nooks and crannies and will not chip unlike powder coated varieties when knocked around. If you want a good quality battery frame that lasts the distance, you can’t go past a TJM.