MSA Fridge Drop Slides - 4x4 Fridge Slides Perth dropMSA Fridge Drop Slides - 4x4 Fridge Slides Perth drop

MSA Fridge Drop Slides – 4×4 Fridge Slides Perth




You don’t want to add any unnecessary weight to your car so MSA has designed it’s fridge slides to be some of the lightest in the market!


Designed in Australia for quality and strength. You know when you buy MSA you are getting a solid product that will last you a long time.


Built in a way where it will keep your fridge and 4×4 safe.


This product is built to work smarter not make you work harder!


Designed by MSA 4X4 Accessories back in 2007, the MSA 4X4 Drop Slide is the original and the best! Comes in various different sizes (DS40, DS45, DS50, DS60).

Size chart is located in pictures for your information.