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One of our top selling seat cover brands is from MSA.

WHY CANVAS? Because poly/cotton canvas is a waterproof, breathable, natural feel fabric that will outlast any other fabric many times over.

WHY POLY/COTTON LINED? Because while canvas is a waterproof, breathable, tough, long lasting fabric that can withstand loads of abuse, it can also abuse your vehicle’s nice soft seats, so to protect against this MSA 4×4 uses a complete soft cotton layer as a barrier between the canvas and the soft seat fabric. No worries!

WHY POLYESTER/COTTON BLEND CANVAS? Ask any manufacturer of quality canvas products in Australia the same question, whether it be tents, swags or camper trailers and they will all tell you the same thing. Although cotton feels natural and breathes in its 100% state, it has no strength, no fade resistance, no ruggedness, it will shrink and the list goes on. To provide a fabric that has the best of all worlds, it needs the blend of polyester to give it the strength, durability, and toughness we require in everyday use. Without the polyester, it will have no reasonable service life. You might as well put a “T-Shirt” on your seats.

WHY DOUBLE LAYERED 12 OUNCE CANVAS FOR MSA? We want you to be comfortable so we use 12oz in the middle where there are little wear and double layer it on the outside where the higher wear occurs, our covers do not feel hard and crusty like yesterday’s canvas.

WHY DUPONT TEFLON REPEL? Because it is the best! As we want the very most from our seat covers we decide to impregnate our canvas with DuPont Teflon during the fabric manufacturing process. This gives extra protection all round while still remaining just as breathable! Most dirt and grime will just sit on top of the fabric and wipe off.

WHY ADR CRASH TEST CERTIFIED? Because an illegal, cheap and easy disclaimer isn’t going to help you after airbags don’t deploy as the manufacturer intended them to!Elastic is great for ease of manufacture but under constant tension, it WILL give way. Extra layers on high wear areas! Map pockets as standard! All seats, armrests and drink holders WILL work as standard! Optional headrest covers! (Not just supplied and charged for at the price.)

EXTRA LAYERS on high areas!

MAP POCKETS as standard! All seats, armrests and drink holders WILL work as standard! All this combines to provide you with the best quality seat covers your hard earned money can buy. Oh yes, did we mention our seat covers are not just tailored they are an identical copy of your seat and therefore without a doubt, the best fitting, non-creasing covers available anywhere! Ask anyone who has ever used them and they will testify.


Airbag Compatible



Front Only


Heavy Duty Canvas


Trendline, Highline, Ultimate Dual Cab