Long Range Fuel Tanks - Rear Auxillary TankLong Range Fuel Tanks - Rear Auxillary Tank

Long Range Fuel Tanks – Outback Accessories



Replacement Fuel Tank – To replace your existing fuel tank with one with a much larger capacity

Auxiliary Fuel Tank – An additional fuel tank added on to your vehicle

The types of tanks available are different to every vehicle, make sure you check with TJM Perth to Make

Whether you are planning a big trip or simply want to save by refuelling when prices are low, the solution to covering long distances between fill-ups is to fit a high capacity Outback Accessories replacement, auxiliary or LPG gas conversion tank.

Produced using the latest in-house (CAD/CAM) computer-controlled design and manufacturing equipment, Outback Accessories tanks are designed and built for strength, durability and complete reliability using superior 2mm aluminised steel and MIG welding.

With over two decades of experience developing tanks for use in tough terrain, Outback Accessories’ designs offer maximum ground clearance and uncompromised vehicle departure and ramp-over angles and feature strategically placed mounting points to relieve stresses caused by chassis twist when used in extreme conditions.

Outback Accessories’ long range fuel tanks are fully internally baffled to prevent fuel surge, require no exhaust modifications and retain original parts where possible.

Manufactured to the highest standards, tanks are cleaned, checked and pressure tested prior to being coated. All Outback Accessories long range tanks are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

You can rely on an Outback Accessories long range tank – that’s guaranteed

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Auxillary – Up to 175 L (depending on vehicle model)
Replacement Tank – Up to 250 L (depending on vehicle model)