Lightforce 240 XGT frontLightforce 240 XGT front

Lightforce 240 XGT



240 XGT

Combining many of the award winning features of its legendary 240 HID model, the XGT offers up to 20% greater performance than conventional halogen type bulbs. The light housing and mounting system is race proven and has redefined optimum driving light design and materials.

Unlike many other lights on the market, the XGT can be mounted in any orientation – vertically, pendulum or sideways and cope with any approach or departure angle in a water crossing scenario

Features include:

  • Variable focus with optional clip-on filters
  • Lightweight for less vibration
  • Super strong polyamid hi-tech construction
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate lens
  • 350 000 candlepower output
  • Supplied with clear polycarbonate covers
  • Gore® Protective Vent to protect against moisture and and contamination


  • 12V 100 watt Xenophot long life bulb with option for 24V
  • 2000 hours life
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (12V) | 1 lux @ 900 m
  • 1.37kg
  • Best value for OFF-ROAD motor sport or hard-core enthusiast
  • Partner with a set of 170 STRIKERS for ideal spread and scorching distance


  • 35w HID (internal ballast – plug ‘n play)
  • LIGHT OUTPUT | 1 lux @  > 1200+ m
  • Multi-volt versions are available (12 and 24V DC)
  • 5000k Super white
  • 3000 hour life
  • 1.55kg