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We sell the entire range of EGR ute canopies here at TJM Perth – Leading 4×4 Accessories shop in WA.

About EGR

EGR’s latest core product are ute canopies and have been around since 2010. There are over 50 EGR Canopies offering up to 3 different window combinations for ute owners in Australia. EGR have been making a name for themselves offering quality ute canopies and are achieving excellent market growth.

Made in Australia

EGR ute canopies are Australian Made and developed products. The EGR canopy is made and manufactured at EGR’s Thermoformed Division in Brisbane. EGR are known for having commitment to inventory, their warehouse are filled with a range of ute canopies with various side window combinations. This enables EGR to deliver their ute canopies in a quicker timeframe compared to manufacturers who have overseas sourced products.


EGR canopies are builtwith a sheet of ABS. The material is strong, thick and UV stable with acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish. The Canopies are painted robotically resulting in a A-Class paint finish making it one of the best in Australia.


EGR offers two types of canopies, Premium and Fleet.

Both types come with the following options:

  • dual side lift
  • dual side slide
  • drivers side slide, curb-side lift


The front window has been upgraded to a drop-down option to improve and increase access to clean the rear window of the vehicle cabin and the rear door is dual curved 3 dimensional frameless glass with a central handle with slam latches. All windows are tinted. Other notable features include a robotically painted base rail cover strip, Clamp-On style fitment and a vehicle specific Plug and Play wiring harness to allow for a quick installation.


The Lift Up Windows are framed with twin handle locks and the Sliding Windows are a single pane slider with integrated Fly Screen. The front window has been upgraded to a drop-down option to improve and increase access to clean the rear window of the vehicle cabin. The rear door on the Fleet range is a flat framed option with twin lock handles. All Canopies are robotically painted and trimmed. EGR’s Fleet Canopy range is designed to target the Fleet and Trades with a more economical option to the higher ended products in the market.

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