couplertec 4wd extreme heavy duty systemcouplertec 4wd extreme heavy duty system

CouplerTec Electronic Rust Protection Systems



Comes with 10-year warranty for corrosion and 5-year system warranty.

From the city driver to the most serious off-road adventurer, there is a CouplerTec system to suit every four wheel drive and SUV (sports utility vehicle) owners requirements.

One system does not suit all. This is because not every vehicle is the same size, and neither is it exposed to the same environment for the same period of time. This range of CouplerTec Electronic Rust Protection Systems offers a higher level of performance than that of the 2WD Systems, these systems are designed to create and maintain the electrostatic field required to protect your four wheel drive vehicle even when exposed to the harshest of environments.


CouplerTec is leading the way with the latest advancements in Capacitive Coupling Technology. Our systems incorporate what we call ‘monitored and controlled performance’ this is where our microprocessor-controlled CouplerTec module, monitors and controls the activity between each internal circuit and their own dedicated capacitive coupler.

This ensures that the required level of energy and frequency is applied constantly via the capacitive couplers to induce the electrons throughout the body of the vehicle. An added benefit of this monitored and controlled performance is that the system confirms it is working correctly by way of a Green flashing LED, this gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being protected. Conversely, the system will also alert you to the detection of a fault by way of a Red flashing LED.

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