aeroklas canopy ford px rangeraeroklas canopy ford px ranger

Aeroklas Canopy



We currently sell canopies for Aeroklas (The parent company of TJM 4×4 Equipped)

Aeroklas are the first in the market to offer Engineered ABS Double Shell Canopies due to having advanced canopy manufacturing and development.

The Aeroklas canopy is Available in both dual and space cab.


Aeroklas canopies feature a twin skin design. Each shell is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS with no joins or weak areas. This results in higher impact resistance and better ability to reshape after impact.


The smooth, finished outer shell is robotically painted to OEM standards to pass OEM testing for paint finishes, giving it an awesome, glossy and perfect finish.


The paint features UV protection to ensure that the finish remains pristine for years to come, making Aeroklas canopies completely durable in all environmental conditions.

Matching Colours

At TJM Perth, we include cover coding with your Aeroklas canopy for no additional charge. Save yourself a couple hundred dollars when matching the colour of your new canopy to your vehicle.



aeroklas canopies ford ranger

“I chose an Aeroklas canopy for my dual cab because of the high strength material and it’s load rating. This meant I could stick to the everyday use track mount system which is both versatile and strong , leaving the more heavy duty  internal support systems to the tradies.”

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