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4x4 Coil Springs


    Support your vehicle day and night!

    The springs support the vehicle’s weight all day, they are one of the suspension components in any vehicle that go through a lot of stress. Most original springs will wear out and underperform with extra weight or when used in extreme environments. One of Australia’s largest range of coil springs is from the TJM XGS suspension kit. Each spring is designed by local engineers and made to exact detail. They incorporate many unique design features for current 4×4 requirements.

    TJM XGS coil springs are available in two designs, linear and progressive. They come in many load carrying capacities and heights allowing the ideal suspension system for your 4×4. All TJM XGS coil springs are load tested and supplied in a very strong powder coat finish.

    TJM XGS coil springs come with limited lifetime for faulty manufacture or excessive sagging (a loss of 10mm or more in free height after completion of 500km safety check is considered excessive) so get your quote today!

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