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4x4 Airbag Suspensions Perth

Why do you need airbag suspension?

Airbag suspension is there to give you support when you need during situations where you have to carry heavy loads. Whether you are transporting heavy goods from time to time or towing heavy vehicles around, these airbags give you the necessary support to keep your vehicle safe and give you a smooth ride.

Who is it for?

If you fit one of the following descriptions, a 4×4 airbag is probably something that you need:

  • A tradesman who needs to add on heavy loads every now an then but not on a consistently. (If you are travelling with heavy loads majority of the time, perhaps you should consider a suspension kit)
  • Someone who tows a trailer or caravan on and off
  • Someone who needs to carries extra significant weight on their vehicle every now and then

Our range includes:

Polyair Red Series System – 1,000lbs/450kg of load support – Perfect for 4×4 SUVs/ Wagons.

Polyair Bellows System – 5,000lbs/2,200kg of load support. – Perfect for 4×4 utility vehicles aka utes.

Firestone Airbag man – Please contact for details, product information not yet uploaded on website.

Quality Guarantee

All kits are packaged for complete installation to include: two air springs, two inflation valves, airline, all fittings, all necessary mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions. They also come with 2 years, unlimited km’s warranty to give you peace of mind!

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