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4x4 Fridge Slides


Many people have trouble accessing their fridge at the back of the 4×4 due to lack of space or the fridge being too high. 4×4 fridge slides allow you to easily access your fridge by providing a slide that can easily move and lower the fridge to a height that is easy to access for everyone, including the kids. These slides go perfectly with WAECO, Engel, Evakool along with many other portable fridge brands in the market.

Great Prices

There are only 2 main manufacturers of drop down fridge slides in Australia, Clearview Easy Slides and MSA Drop Down Fridge Slides. We stock a full range of both of their slides and have them available at great prices for people in Perth, Western Australia.

At TJM Perth we have one of the biggest range of quality 4×4 Accessories in Perth. We do very competitive bundle pricing and offer excellent customer service to go with it.

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Clearview Easy Slide

MSA Drop Down Fridge Slide