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Ford Ranger Bull Bars

Steel Bull Bars

TJM Outback Bar (also known as T13)

The TJM Outback bar is our most popular design of our Ford Ranger Bull Bars. This bar is our pride and joy with our and designed to make sure our customers are getting one of the finest bull bars in the market. Crowned ‘Best Bull Bar by 4wd Action Magazine 150 when tested on the Hilux against competitors.

Available for series – PXII, PX 2011-2015, PK

TJM Tradesman Bar (also known as T15 Fleet)

The TJM Tradesman Bar is a tough bar that is strong, safe and durable without the extra channel folds and built in fog lights which can be deemed unnecessary in the working environment. Built with the same unprecedented engineering technology as its deluxe variant, the steel fleet bar provides optimal protection without the bells and whistles.

Available for series- PXII, PX 2011-2015, PK, PJ

TJM Explorer Bull Bar(also known as T3)

TJM Explorer Bull Bar is easily one of the best-looking bull bars on the market. It is built with a strong steel channel and a single loop over the grille which allows for strong frontal protection, without adding excessive weight. Gives you both style and protection when you take your ride out.

Available for series – PX 2011-2015

TJM Frontier Bull Bar (also known as T17)

The TJM T17 Frontier Bull Bar provides the same durable steel channel design as the Explorer variant. This bull bar offers strong frontal protection, plus all the features from the deluxe range, such as; winch frame, fog lights, jack points & LED indicators/park light combo. It does not have the Alloy loop like the Explorer Bar making it a great choice for minimalists who still want strong protection

Available for series – PX 2011-2015,

Alloy (Aluminium) Bull Bars

TJM Signature Bull Bar

The TJM Signature bull bar gives you all the bells and whistles along with the benefits of having a lighter weight. This alloy bull bar comes with provisions for driving lights and aerials, built in steel winch frame as standard, fog lights and much more. A true flagship product that is one of the market leaders in alloy bull bars

Available for series -PXII, PX 2011-2015, PK

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