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4x4 Dual Battery Systems

Keep Your Beers Cold and Your Showers Warm

Dual Battery Systems come in very handy when going off-roading or camping is it allow you to have a separate power system to keep your outdoor essential powered up. This way you don’t have to worry about your driving battery being drained while you’re operating your hot water system, portable fridge, music player or cooking equipment and get stranded! Many systems come with solar recharge facility, so your battery can be charged while you are still stationary.

Dual Battery System Perth

Dual Battery System set up

It’s nightfall, you’re someplace that’s not on the map, sinking a coldie from the fridge, reading last week’s paper and playing your favourite CD…and tomorrow night, you can do it all again!

Australian Made for quality

The majority of the battery systems we sell are Australian made, so you can be sure that they are quality and built to last!

Our range includes but not limited to:

A unit that offers much more than charging from one battery to another.

The toughest and most advanced dual battery management system available on the market today.

A more comprehensive system that allows you to monitor both your battery levels as you travel so you can plan your trip better.

Up to 5 Years warranty if the system is fitted by TJM Perth

Selecting the right dual battery system can be a complicated process, that it what we are here for so

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