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Lightforce Driving Lights Perth

No matter what your vehicle or driving conditions we have the solution.
Available standard with Xenophot® bulbs giving up to 20% more output than ordinary halogen bulbs. New generation 35W HID technology delivers a further 30% output. Now Lightforce gives you the option! These are the lights that forged Lightforce’s reputation in the Australian Outback!

Details for Lightforce Driving Lights:

  • Lightforce is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of an innovative range of driving lights.

Lightforce lights have the following features:

  • Lightweight (excellent for off-road use)
  • Reflector quality (mirror-like)
  • Reflector shape (near perfect parabola)
  • Xenophot bulbs offer up to 10% increased brightness over conventional halogen types. They are rated at 2,000 hours.


The range we have at TJM Perth includes:

  • HTX driving lights(fusion of HID and LED technology)
  • LED driving lights
  • HID driving lights (below)
  • LED light bars
  • Multi-purpose LED work lights
  • Utility LED lights
  • Portable lights
  • Lights accessories
  • and more!

HID driving lights Range (number indicates size in mm)

  • 140 Lance (small size but high performance)
  • 170 Striker (mid-size, most popular model)
  • 210 Genesis
  • 240 XGT (100W bulb)

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