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4x4 Airtec Snorkel Perth

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    Floods, dust storms, and the deep water crossing that’s not on the map: You’ll need a snorkel that can suck in clean air and look good doing it!

    4×4 snorkels are commonly the first accessory ever fitted to a four wheel drive. And why wouldn’t they be with all these benefits?

    Not only do they allow for deep water crossings and hassle-free air induction when immersed in the dust; they also have other key features. The air quality at roof level is cleaner and cooler than air travelling via the bonnet, so this means greater fuel efficiency and less clogging of air filters. These are very important factors, particularly when 4WDing on dry, dusty roads.

    Even when it rains the TJM Airtec design captures and disperses rain drops through drain holes at the base of the air ram. This feature removes excess rain from mixing with the air stream and preventing water intake during heavy rain.

    Made Specially for the Australian Climate

    When it comes to materials, TJM sources only the finest quality to be used in the Airtec range. All products are made with leading Australian polymer materials that exceed the Australian Standard for UV stabilisation of UV8, with ratings at UV20-UV24. The colour pigmentation process doesn’t cut any corners giving you an even, dense and bleed-free product.

    Looks as good as it performs!

    Unlike other manufacturers, TJM individually engineers and design the snorkel to suit the natural shape of the vehicle. Although functionality is important, we want you to look good too!

    Proudly Australian Made

    Proudly Australian made and quality assured you can have the confidence that a TJM Airtec snorkel will achieve peak performance each and every time.

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