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4x4 Exhausts Systems Perth

4×4 Exhausts Systems are designed to increase the power and torque of your 4×4, enhancing your driving experience. At TJM Perth we sell Torqit Performance Exhaust Systems, who are the number one 4×4 Exhausts Systems specialists in Australia with over 10 years of experience designing under the Sterling 4×4 name.

Torqit Performance Exhaust Systems will deliver up to 20% increase in power and torque. Each Torqit Performance Exhaust Systems is constructed of the finest and most durable materials to give their exhausts a longer life and better quality of performance. Each muffler is also heavily packed with fibreglass designed to absorb noise ensuring the system does not vibrate or drone.

Torqit Performance Exhaust Systems

Torqit Performance Exhaust Systems are designed to work with other Torqit products including the Torqit Performance Modules and Pedal Torq systems. When combined with these products, the power and torque of your 4wd are significantly increased, further enhancing your driving experience.

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