Picking the Right Off-Road Tyres for Your 4X4

When replacing the tyres on your 4X4, there will be a number of factors to consider. Tyre size, type, load rating and grip are a good place to start. Let’s take a look at the different types of tyres for 4X4s. We will also take this opportunity to offer some tips on choosing the right off-road tyres for you.

Highway Terrain (HT)

With a tread pattern much like that of a car tyre, HT tyres are the lightest in construction and offer the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable drive. Although primarily for driving on the highway, they will cope with the occasional forest track.

  • Higher speed rating
  • Lower load rating

All Terrain (AT)

AT tyres are the ideal compromise if you want to mix urban driving with off-road driving – in other words, roughly 60 percent road and 40 percent off-road. Stronger and with better tread patterns than HT tyres, they may be noisier and offer less grip, but they still run nicely on the highway and provide you with good grip off-road.

  • Lower speed rating
  • Higher load rating

MT All Terrain 4x4 Tyres - TJM Perth Ranger

Mickey Thompson All Terrain Tyres fitted on the TJM Perth Ford Ranger PXII

Mud Terrain (MT)

The most aggressive looking tyres, with the heaviest and strongest construction, are ones that are made for mud terrain. On the road, they can be noisy and harsh, and handling and grip will not be as good as AT or HT tyres. Also, bear in mind that MT tyres have extra rolling resistance – which means increased fuel consumption.

  • Lower speed rating
  • Higher load rating

4x4 Wheels and Tyres Perth

Mickey Thompson Mud Tyres fitted on a TJM Equipped Toyota Hilux for an international overland trip

Light Truck (LT)

Most all terrain and mud terrain tyres we supply at TJM Perth are also Light truck construction (LT).
LT tyres are AT tyres that are better for off-roading and can meet the load requirements of light trucks. These are the best all-round choice for a four-wheel drive. They are made to take plenty of weight, usually have fairly deep and open tread patterns and sturdy sidewalls, and are long lasting.


    • Always make sure the load ratings meet or exceed the minimum for your vehicle.
    • If you are changing the site of your 4×4’s tyres, check replacement tyre legalities for your state to ensure you are staying within the law.
    • The best sidewall profile is 65, 70 or 75.
    • Look for a high ply-count in the tread area and/or higher denier plies (thicker plies); the more you have, the more resistant the tyre will be to punctures.
    • Sidewall ply – more sidewall plies, and/or higher denier plies (thicker plies) equals a stronger resistance to staking.
    • To stay within the law, the tyres cannot be wider than the guards.
    • When the tread depth gets down to 3mm, you are more likely to get a puncture when off-road
    • All vehicles are fitted with a placard containing information on the recommended tyres. The placard is on the door jamb or glovebox lid in most four-wheel drives.
    • If you haven’t already got one, consider a tyre pressure monitoring system. It will detect even a slow leak so you can take preventative measure before things get any worse.
    • Most tyre manufacturers recommend that you replace any tyre that is more than six years old – even if it is your spare and it has never been used.

When you pick a new 4X4 up from the dealership, it will be fitted with tyres designed primarily for sealed-road driving. If you plan on taking your four-wheel drive off-road, consider replacing them for performance, comfort and safety. Stay safe – and happy off-roading!

At TJM Perth we sell the entire range of Mickey Thompson 4×4 tyres which include All Terrain (AT), Mud Tyres (MT) and 4×4 competition tyres (100% off-road). For those who are also looking to get a new set of 4×4 wheels , we also sell the entire range of Dynamic Wheels to go with your new set of 4×4 tyres.

Mickey Thompson 4x4 Tyre Range - TJM Perth

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