How To Pick A Tow Bar On A New 4WD


If you’re planning on taking an extended off road trip and need to drag along a trailer or caravan, then you need a good quality, well fitted Tow Bar. There are a few to choose from. Each tow bar has its own technical specifications depending on the weight of the load you want to tow. Then there is also the tow capacity of your 4×4 to consider. Your decision will also be dependent on your own requirements. Are you planning on towing a caravan a trailer or even a boat? To help you decide which tow bar is right for you, we’ve looked at a few of the standard principles.


Know the tow weight capacity

If you’re not sure how much weight your 4×4 can tow then the first place to look is in the manual. Like with many accessories you purchase you should stick to manufacturers guidance. This ensures it is legal and that your insurance will cover you. The tow weight capacity will consider the gross combination mass, rear axle mass, tow ball mass. All vehicles have a rated maximum axle rating that includes the carrying capacity of the tyres and the axel. This carrying capacity includes that of the loaded vehicle combined with the loaded trailer/caravan. So, if you find that the gross vehicle weight was 2500kg (including people, fuel, items) and then there is a gross train rate of 4400kg (Maximum allowable weight of vehicle and trailer) you need to subtract the vehicle rate from the train weight to give you the maximum towing capacity. In this case, it would be 4400 – 2500 = 1900kg maximum towing capacity.


Specifications of tow bars

There are a number of different tow bars available depending on what you’re towing, or your own personal requirements. For instance, the Hayman Reese Class 2 or Standard Towbars are specifically designed for smaller trailers and light towing, whereas the Hayman Reese Class 4 or Heavy Duty Towbar is a more heavy duty option that is rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. By law, your towbar must comply with Australian Design Rules, Standards and Regulations soit’s important you buy a quality, reputable model.

Correct ball drop or rise

You need to get whatever you are towing as level as possible.  An even and well-balanced hitch will maintain the weight distribution and will minimise wear and strain on both the vehicle and the trailer. Getting the correct measure for hitch ball drop is relatively straightforward. However, sometimes you may need to have a ball mount with a drop or a rise. If you tow different trailers then you may want and adjustable ball mount. It can take a bit of problem solving and tweaking to avoid a drop or rise.


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