Must-Have 4×4 Recovery Tools & Spares

4x4 recovery


Being bogged down in the mud and having spinning wheels in the sand are not where you want to be spending your off-road adventure. Getting stuck is an inevitable part of the 4×4 off-road journey. Sooner or later you will get caught out in the sinking mud. But Never fear, TJM’s  Recovery Gear is here. OK, so ignore the cheesy rescue line. In all seriousness, we have created some top quality recovery kits that cover all bases. Despite our brilliance and innovation in the 4×4 recovery kit market (modesty isn’t our strong point), there are a number of items that are essential for you to carry.

recovery gear


Recovery Strap/Snatch Strap

A recovery strap or snatch strap as they are commonly known is one of the best ways to recover a stuck vehicle. Recovery straps are made of Nylon which gives them a certain amount of elasticity. This will, therefore, reduce jerks and the risk of damage to your 4×4. They are at least a couple of inches wide. The wider the strap is, the less elasticity it has and the more weight it can take. These are by far the better option than a chain. They are therefore much safer to use and lighter and easier to carry.

It is essential, that you only use your snatch strap on specifically designed and rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle.  At TJM Perth we stock the Roadsafe range of rated recovery points, and many modern TJM bullbars are designed with rated recovery points included.  Here is a video of the TJM rated recovery points being tested! Fitting a snatch strap to a vehicle’s factory tie down points is very dangerous, and has been responsible for serious injuries and reported deaths.

High Lift Recovery Jack

A High lift recovery jack is the best way to lift your 4×4 off anything it could get stuck on, such as a big rock. It enables you to get access without causing any more damage to the vehicle. It will also help you if your 4×4 is stuck in sand or mud. By enabling you to lift the vehicle enough to slide something underneath to help you get out. This jack is slightly different to the average jack. It works more like a ladder, whereby the pins will work their way up the steps.

It might also be used as a winch if all else has failed. A recovery jack isn’t ideal for changing a tyre as it can be a bit unstable. However, a recovery base will go some way to create greater stability and safety. Many modern 4wdrives do not have suitable points fitted to use a high lift jack.  Most TJM steel bullbars and rear bars include specifically designed jacking points for use with high lift jacks.


Winch’s are superb at getting you out of trouble. They can be placed at the front or the rear of your vehicle and attached to trees, rocks or a ground anchor. Electric winches are the most common and easy to fit on the market. When you’re using a winch it’s important to take your time and properly assess the whole situation. They can be dangerous if not used carefully and correctly. Don’t forget when you get a winch you will also need to make sure you have a suitable winch kit. A TJM winch kit will include 19mm bow shackles x2 – 4,000kg winch extension strap 20m – 8,000kg snatch block – 8,000kg snatch strap 9m – 8,000kg tree trunk protector 3m HD Gloves & Recovery blanket.


It is important to get a winch fitted correctly to your 4×4. This will reduce the chance of damage and ensure safety.

A recovery strap, recovery jack and winch are just a small selection of the rescue tools and spares you will need on your off-road adventure. If you’re not sure what you need, we have a selection of complete recovery kits all ready to pick up and go. Or you could always contact and discuss recovery options with a member of the team.