Mercedes X Class AWD 2018+ Suspension Kit Release

Many Luxury 4wd owners have trouble getting quality aftermarket accessories such as suspension upgrades.

We’re very happy to announce that the TJM XGS Suspension Kit is now available for the Mercedes X Class AWD 2018+ models

  • Available for the BR470, X220D and X250D series
  • 30-35mm additional lift
  • 3 years/ 100,000kms warranty on shocks and springs
  • Designed & tested in Australia

TJM XGS Suspension Benefits

  • Improves the ride height, increasing the vehicle’s clearance and off-road capability.
  • The XGS range provides superior handling and comfort while improving body control.
    • Allows the vehicle to articulate better over obstacles.
    • Reduced Shock Fade, for longer performance.
  • Designed and tested in Australia, TJM’s XGS Suspension is designed to go the distance.
    • Conforms to VSB14 requirements, the Australian National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Modification.
  • Each TJM XGS Suspension Kit is designed and tailored to complement each vehicle’s ride and handling characteristics.

Find out more about the TJM XGS Suspension Kits.


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