How to Improve Fuel Efficiency for Your 4×4


Most fuel efficiency articles talk about ways to save on fuel consumption. Which is true and valid and great, but hell you’re probably doing it all already. But what about when you know that all the usual fuel saving techniques just aren’t going to cut it. You have a big off-road trek planned and want to make sure you have maximum fuel range and the reassurance of knowing you won’t run out of fuel. It might be that you simply need a bigger or a spare fuel tank.

There only two ways to increase your fuel range and that’s to increase the amount of fuel you have and decrease the consumption. We’re going to take a quick look at both of these strategies in a bit more detail, including the benefits of using a larger fuel tank or an extra fuel tank for your off-road trek.


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Above: Long Range Fuel Tanks – Outback Accessories

Here are some of the benefits of having a larger or spare fuel tank:

  • Having an extra or larger fuel tank saves you money. By filling up at the cheaper in town stations reduces the amount of fuel you have to pay for a remote station, which can be pricey.
  • Having an extra fuel tank is advantageous if a stray rock or artifact accidentally punctures or damages the primary tank.
  • If you decide to go off route or change direction entirely, you can be reassured that you have enough fuel.
  • It gives you peace of mind to know you have a buffer on the amount of fuel you have.
  • Opting for a larger or secondary fuel tank is more efficient than jerry cans. The fuel tanks are positioned so that if there are any leaks they go on to the ground and not in or on the vehicle.

As promised, we’ve also covered some typical ways to decrease fuel consumption below:

  • Drive with your foot off the gas. What we mean is avoid acceleration where possible as this eats fuel. This also means being mindful of your braking pattern. Being a conscientious driver means you can cut overactive braking which is often followed by overactive acceleration.
  • When you have an extra fuel tank only fill it when you need to. Any extra weight takes more energy and more fuel to move. This goes for any superfluous items. Don’t take what you don’t need to have.
  • By their nature 4×4 vehicles just aren’t aerodynamic, but you don’t need to make the problem worse. Think about how you pack up your 4×4 and how many dingily, dangly, blingy things you need hanging on the outside.

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The two ways to increase your fuel range are to increase the amount of fuel you carry and decrease the consumption. If you can do both you will see a huge advantage in the amount of land you can cover without refueling. You will also find you save a bit of money and by cutting back on consumption you are doing your bit to help the environment.

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