How To Prevent Rollovers

How To Prevent Rollovers

Rollovers aren’t pretty. If you’ve ever experienced one it’s definitely not something you’ll want to repeat in a hurry. There are a few 4×4 accessories that offer you some vehicle protection, as well as, provide you with protection from injury during a rollover. The greatest measure you can take to avoid a rollover however is a good dose of skill and caution. There are specific driving techniques and vehicle checks that you can do to prevent a rollover, continue reading to hear them.

Vehicle condition

Before you can blame the driver, you need to be sure that the vehicle was in the right condition to even attempt an off-road stretch. It’s straightforward task, you should already be in a routine to check your vehicle, especially the brakes. Brake failure can definitely lead to a loss of control and ultimately, a nasty rollover.

Consider the conditions

Thinking about and understanding the conditions of the road and the effect of the weather on them is part of the 4×4 off-road experience. You also need to think about your speed, gear and position on the road in relation to the conditions. Always maintain the maximum amount of control over the 4×4.

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A general rule of thumb is to avoid sudden changes in steering. This is important if you are driving sideways along a slope when you can be tempted to turn slightly up the hill. You will get a natural urge to correct and steer into the slope, but you need to fight your instinct and keep the wheel straight. Similarly, if you find yourself slipping on an ascent or a decent and sudden steering change an easily turn into a rollover.

Know your vehicle and load size

Knowing your vehicle and how it drives and performs will help you make decisions about how you handle particular conditions. Rollovers are caused by a shift in the centre of gravity of the vehicle. Making sure loads are tied down properly so that they can’t shift around will assist in preventing a rollover from occurring.


Be Alert

The unexpected can always happen and even the best, most, experienced drivers can make a misjudgement and end up upside down in the mud. Remaining calm and focused at all times is essential. If you feel like you’re not on the ball then take a rest, it’s not worth the risk. It’s not just speed and mechanics that contribute to rollovers, one of the biggest factors, even with years of experience, is not being alert and paying attention. Should the worst happen and you find yourself rolling over, it’s important to brace yourself and shut your eyes to prevent shattered glass fragments from getting into them.

The take-home here is that most of the causes of a rollover are within the driver’s control. Taking the time to check your vehicle, knowing how it drives and weighing this up in relation to the terrain and the weather you’ll be tackling is important in preventing damage and even worse injury or loss of life from a rollover accident.

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