The First 5 Accessories You Should Buy For Your New 4×4

The First 5-Accessories-You-Should-Buy-For-Your-New-4x4

There is no better feeling than when you drive your new 4×4 off the forecourt. It’s love at first drive. There’s only one problem, your 4×4 was made on a conveyor belt with a heap of other 4×4’s. This means that most of it is average and standardised. In many cases this is all well and good. Some people are happy with the average 4×4. But for most off-roaders, an out of factory 4×4 just doesn’t cut it. If you’re serious about off-roading then we have the top five 4×4 accessories that you need to make your vehicle off-road ready.

1. Suspension System Upgrade

Suspension upgrades are your first port of call when it comes to optimising the performance of your 4×4. Standard suspension that comes with your vehicle is exactly that, standard. Mass produced, they will not give you the smooth ride, load ability, clearance and all-around efficiency of a suspension system that is specifically designed for optimal off-road performance.

Pictured: TJM XGS Suspension Kit

2. Recovery kit

Speak to any off-roader and they’ll tell you that before you go out on any off-road adventure it’s important to be prepared. Before you attempt any tricky off-road trek you will need a recovery kit. The easiest option is to get everything you need in a bag. That way if you need it you know it all one place. There might be a few other pieces of kit you need, such as traction boards, a shovel and jack.

3. Air compressor

To get through those rocky and sandy terrains you will find you have to repeatedly release air from your tyres and then re- inflate them again. The best and quickest way to do that is with an air compressor. They are also handy for blowing up air mattresses and even clearing out hard to reach dusty engine parts. One other use is with an air locker to replace your differential by locking in all four tyres and increasing traction.

Pictured: TJM Air Compressor

4. Bull bar

Bull bars or Roo bars are a must-have safety feature for trips where you are at risk of animal strikes. They offer ultimate protection for drivers, passengers and your vehicle. Aside from the obvious safety features, they also are perfect for attaching lights, winches and any number of accessories that you might need.

5. Snorkel

This is fundamental for engine protections for water crossings. It helps the engine breath and prevents engine flooding and believe me you do not want a flooded engine. That’s not all it is also good for general use. The air that is sucked in through the snorkel is not as dusty and is cooler than the air from lower down. This means your engine is less likely to get clogged with dust and not overheat.

Pictured: TJM Airtec Snorkel suit Ford Ranger PXII

If you’re not sure which accessories you need to get your 4×4 ready for your first off road trip then you can have a chat with one of our experienced team members who will be happy to help.

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