3 affordable 4×4 Accessories for new 4×4 owners

TJM Ford Ranger PXII

We’ll be covering 3 affordable but important 4×4 accessories that will be handy for people new to 4x4ing. This is a great basic guide for people who are new to 4wding, who are mainly looking to take their 4x4s out to the beach for daytips or camping.

*Please note, if you are planning on doing some serious offroading, these 3 items alone would not be sufficient. We’ll cover that in a separate post at a later date.

Before we get into details on the equipment needed, it is very important for you to understand how to use your 4wd properly. If you go on Youtube and look up “how not to recover a 4wd” you will see numerous videos of people using wrong techniques and end up destroying their 4x4s as a result. Make sure you educate yourself around how to use your 4×4 before venturing out into the unknown. You can do this by attending a 4wd course, researching online, asking your local 4×4 shop or bring along a friend who is experienced in operating 4×4 equipment.

Now let’s get down to it.

#1 Air Compressor

This is probably one of the first things you should get if you want to take your 4wd out on the weekend. When going off road to sandy areas, it is essential that you deflate your tyres to a suitable pressure. Dropping your tyre pressures dramatically improves traction, by lengthening the footprint of the tyre, which increases the surface area that is in contact with the ground. As well as improving traction, reducing your tyre pressures on sand also reduces your fuel consumption, gives you a much more comfortable ride, and does much less damage to tracks. Once you are done with the terrain and are ready to pump up your tyres again, having a reliable air compressor will allow you to do all these activities with confidence. We advise you to do your research regarding what level of air pressure to use as it varies vehicle to vehicle. A good place to start is to speak with your local 4×4 Accessories shop or the place you got your tyres from.

#2 Recovery Kit

To use a recovery kit, you will need to make sure that you have recovery points installed on your 4×4. It is also worth noting that many TJM Bull Bars do come with rated recovery points. We also sell various types of recovery points at TJM Perth.

If you were planning to do some serious off-roading, we will normally recommend that you have a winch. However, if you are on a tight budget and not planning to do any hardcore 4wding we will recommend that you have at least a recovery kit handy with you in case you get bogged or stuck. Having a snatch strap kit handy will help someone pull you out of any “sticky” should they occur. A good guide on how to use the snatch strap can be found here.

*One thing to note, many people believe their vehicle’s tie down points, and towing points can be used as vehicle recovery points.  Generally, these factory tow points are not suitable for use for recovery, and are potentially lethal projectiles if they were to break during a recovery.  Only use suitable ‘fit for purpose’ recovery points, or the growing range of TJM bull bars with built in 8000kg rated recovery points.

Check out a video of the boys from Two Mates Adventures reviewing and using the TJM Recovery Kit

#3 Tyres

Especially in WA where there is an abundance of beaches and sand dunes, having a set of 4×4 tyres will make the trip a lot easier when going off road. Now with advanced technology, 4×4 tyres are no longer built to be very noisy and can give you the best of both worlds. At TJM Perth we usually recommend the Mickey Thompson range, which we sell.

Mickey Thompson Tyres Prado

We practice what we preach. Both TJM Perth store owners use Mickey Thompson tyres on their own 4x4s. So you know they’re legit!

Other essential items to carry:

  • Shovel – You need this to assist with your recovery when you get bogged! (Check out video on how it’s done)
  • First aid kit – Always good to have handy.
  • Lights – Self-explanatory. If you are planning on camping or spending a lot of time out during the night, portable lights will come in very handy.
  • Esky – If you are planning to bring food or drinks along your trip
  • Camping chairs – Will make it a lot more comfortable if you planning on having a picnic/ barbeque or camping.

Again this is a basic guide for someone with a limited budget that is new to 4wding. The accessories above should be sufficient for someone that wants to take their vehicle out to the beach without doing anything too crazy.

Few things to consider:

  • If you frequently drive around areas where there are a lot of Kangaroos, getting a Bull/Roo Bar is essential.
  • If you plan to drive often around areas with no/little light, driving lights are also highly recommended
  • If you plan to camp or set up barbeques often, it will be worthwhile looking into getting a roof rack and awning fitted as it will allow you to carry more things and make your trip more comfortable

Next Level:

For those who are ready to spend a bit more money to make their trip more comfortable and enjoyable, here are a few suggestions for accessories to drivers who mainly use their 4wd for going to the beach and sand dune areas.

  • Portable Fridges – Keep your drinks cold and food cold throughout your trip!
  • Dual Battery System – Charge your electronics, plug-in your fridge or speakers on the go without draining your vehicle’s main battery.
  • Roof Top Tent or Swag – Save time on setting up your tent and use it to go explore instead


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope it helps you with your future adventures!

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