How To Determine The Right Lift For Your 4×4 Suspension

determine right lift 4x4 suspension

Deciding the right size body lift you want by changing your 4×4 Suspension can be tricky if you’ve not done it before. The decision comes down to a number of factors. Largely it depends on the existing performance of your vehicle, the result you want to achieve and current legislation. You can buy a lift kit and fit it yourself at home. We will warn you that it’s not easy to do and depending on the amount of lift you may need to replace things like brake lines and shocks. Lift kits can have a positive effect on your all-terrain off-roading. To determine the right size body lift we’ve looked at a few different factors.

Why do I need to lift my 4×4 suspension?

Most 4wd out of the factory are usually reserved for family usage and the odd holiday. There is no real benefit to lifting a 4×4 if you don’t use it off-road. The manufacturers know this and so they cater to it. However, the minute you take your 4×4 off-road into rough terrain it becomes clear why you need good ground clearance. Lifting your 4×4 suspension will prevent any seesaw moments, as well as giving more stability whilst carrying a load.

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How much lift do I need on my 4×4 suspension?

This depends, but usually, 50mm is enough to cover it. A few years back legislation was created to restrict suspension lift to 50mm. The document (VSB 14) states that modifications are permitted up to 50mm and that anything above this needs to be certified by an engineer. There’s a simple reason behind this and it’s to do with safety. Changing the manufacture standard fittings alters the safety of the vehicle. For instance, things like braking capacity, handling, the center of gravity can all be altered by using a lift kit. Although the lift kit, by design, is there to improve handling in a rough terrain.

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What do I need to do when I lift my 4×4 suspension?

  • Make sure that any lift that makes the bonnet more than 50mm is certified.
  • Tell your insurance company about any modifications, otherwise, you won’t be insured. They’ll literally tear that document up in front of you as you are obligated to inform them. Make sure it is clearly added and written on your insurance document. This will save any disagreements and difficulties should you need to make a claim.
  • Avoid a yellow sticker. If the police think your vehicle has been modified to the point that it isn’t road safe, they will give you a yellow sticker. If you get one of these then it is your job to get the vehicle examined, certified and the sticker lifted. Which can be a costly and right pain in the suspension.

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In summary, a small lift of up to 50mm is manageable and relatively straightforward to do. You will notice a positive difference in your off-roading. Anything more than that is possible but needs to be certified. If you’re not sure which lift kit is for you have a chat with one of our team who can point you in the right direction.

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