How To Choose The Right Bull Bar For Your 4×4

How To Choose The Right Bull Bar For Your 4x4

Having a bull bar is a no-brainer. Bull bars not only make your vehicle look the part, but offer both you and your vehicle the best protection. They are more than a pretty face. As well as providing safety, they are the perfect place to mount important accessories such as lights and winches. Bull bars are easy to pick up and there are some good bargains to be had. But this is not a piece of kit you want to be buying without a bit of consideration and thought. To make it as easy as possible for you we’ve outlined three top tips for finding the right bull bar for you and your vehicle

Tip One: Design

When you’re looking at the various designs of bull bars available one of the first things you should think about is what type of off-roading you will be doing. If you’re in a place where the risk of animal strikes are high then you should concentrate on bull bars that offer maximum protection for the vehicle and passengers. If you’re in rocky terrain you may want to look for bull bars that are compatible with side bars. Key areas that need protection are the radiator and cooling system. You might simply need a bull bar for holding accessories as animal strikes aren’t to much of a worry. When deciding on the right bull bar, it is important to factor in ground clearance and approach angles.

Simplistic Tradesman Steel Bullbar

Pictured: Simplistic Tradesman Steel Bullbar

Tip Two: Material

This comes back to where you’ll be off-roading. With a choice of steel, aluminium or plastic, it can be difficult which material is going to be the better option for your vehicle. Steel has the reputation and standing for being the strongest. This doesn’t mean to say that both aluminium and plastic bull bars don’t offer benefits. Aluminium bull bars can be a bit pricier but they offer strength. They are lightweight which is an important consideration if you need to be packing a lot of gear. They are good if you want to keep a closer eye on your fuel consumption and avoiding the possibility of adjusting your suspension if using a heavy steel bull bar. Plastic bull bars are probably the weakest option. This doesn’t mean to say they don’t have their place. They are the least likely to cause damage to what is struck and so are often reserved for urban living. They also have more elasticity and so have been known to handle smaller strikes and cause less damage to the bull bar.

TJM Explorer Steel Bullbar Nissan Navara NP300

Pictured: TJM Explorer Steel Bullbar Nissan Navara NP300

Tip Three: Safety and Compliance

As with many other 4×4 accessories, there is safety and compliance legislation with the fitting of bull bars. A bull bar needs to comply with the Australia Design Rules (ADR).

Some essential elements include:

  • Ensuring the that the bull bar is the right weight for the vehicle
  • Ability to absorb impact
  • Doesn’t block headlights.
  • Doesn’t have major protrusions or sharp edges
  • That other safety features such as airbags still work effectively.

A bull bar that meets ADR standards will have a plate. This plate can be found anywhere on the bar but is usually on the inside or top, where it can be easily viewed.

A bull bar makes your 4×4 vehicle look good, as well as provides both safety and functionality making it one of the most popular and essential 4×4 accessories available.

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