4×4 Checklist: How To Check Your 4×4 Before You Head Off-Road

4x4 checklist

We all love an off-road adventure. But to keep it all fun and no stress, it’s important your 4×4 has been given the once over. This includes checking any 4×4 exterior accessories that you might have. To ensure you get on the road safely (or should we say off the road), we’ve devised a 4×4 checklist for you to run through. Most of this is pretty standard stuff but just so you don’t forget anything we made this list as a quick reference.


It’s important to check your tyres. Check the air pressure and tread before heading out. The nuts need to be tight on your wheels before and during any trial or off-roading. Test them all. Nuts can easily become lose due to the sideways pressures put on the wheels. As well as the spare tyres, themselves you should also make sure to check any 4×4 exterior accessories aren’t worn or cracked.

4x4 tyres

Brakes Are a Must In a 4×4 Checklist

Making sure your brakes work is a must. Check for mud and sand from previous expeditions and any signs of corrosion. If you find any old dirt give it a clean. Check that the brake lines are intact and that there are no leaks. Also, check to see if your brake lights work. Finally, inspect your parking brake and make sure it is working properly.

4x4 brakes


Look in the engine for any leaks and cracks. If there are any lose and worn parts then replace them. This includes looking at the carburetor, fuel injectors and spark plugs. Check for dust and mud and clean and replace where necessary. You should also look at all fluids, including brakes, coolant, water, oil, power steering and transmission. Pack extra fluids in your kit, just in case.

4x4 engine


As one of your recovery options if you get stuck you need to know your winch is working. If you used it when you were out on the road before and it’s not neatly on the spool, take some time to re-spool it neatly before you head out again. Whilst your re-spooling check for any damage in the form of splits or frays in the rope.

4x4 wynch


Give the whole 4×4 the once over. Check for cracks and rust and bits of debris that could be trapped in tight spots. The best thing is to give the whole vehicle a clean inside and out. This gives you the opportunity to see any potential issues. Keeping it clean also protects the vehicle from damage from the elements or any corrosive plants or substances it could have come into contact with the last time you went out. Make sure to check any 4×4 exterior accessories for wear and tear.

4x4 accessories


It’s pretty standard to have an emergency kit bag with spares of pretty much everything you could potentially need and are able to carry. Make sure you check this. Was there anything that you used out of it last time you were out? Is everything in there still intact and working? Don’t forget duct tape, it’s the magic – yet very temporary – fix that could get you where you need to be.

Doing a checklist isn’t going to make your trip fail-safe. These checks simply reduce the chances because you catch something early. Even the best laid plans can go down the drain, but if you do your checks, you will reduce your chances of getting caught out.

4x4 spares

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