How You Can Tell The Standard Tyre Size For Your 4WD

How You Can Tell The Standard Tyre Size For Your 4WD

When you decide to take you 4wd off-road, one consideration you will make is the type of 4×4 tyres that best suit your off-road journey. You might want a greater ability to grip and gain traction or you might want better ground clearance. One way to achieve this is with larger off-road tyres. Before you start shopping around, you will need to know what the standard tyre size is for your 4wd. This is particularly important if you have bought the vehicle second hand, as it may have already been modified. There are a few ways you can tell the standard tyre size on your 4wd.

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Where to find the standard tyre size for your 4wd

One of the first places to look for a sticker on the ‘A pillar’. This is found on the driver’s side and should be clearly visible when you open the driver’s door. The sticker will also indicate the usual pressure of the tyres.

  • Online resources

If you’re struggling to find any information on the actual vehicle you can look online. Red book is an online resource. Simply put in the model, make and year of your 4wd. A result page will tell you everything you need to know about your vehicle. This includes the standard tyre size.

  • Ask the manufacturer

Contacting the makers of your 4wd should be relatively straightforward. You will need your vehicle identification number (VIN). A seventeen digit reference that is usually found on the front window at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side. But they can be located on the door sill or the dash. For example in a Jeep Grand Cherokee the VIN plate is attached to the top left side of the instrument panel. Alternatively, you will find everything you need to know in the vehicle manual.

Bigger tyres

There aren’t going to be many people who downsize their tyres. Bigger tyres mean greater clearance as well as greater traction. Having the right 4×4 tyres will give you a better off road experience. In Western Australia, we are limited to a maximum of 50mm increase than the standard size for the vehicle. On top of this, think about any lift you get from lift kits as each element will have an overall impact on the amount of lift you achieve. If the overall lift is greater than 50mm you will need to have changes signed off by an engineer.

Off-road tyres generally referred to by their outer diameter in inches. If you decide to buy a lift kit along with new tyres then most lift kit manufacturers provide suggested tyre sizes for each of their kits. Before you do anything check the standard tyre size of your 4wd to ensure you get the right amount of lift to not only suit your journey, but also ensure that the lift amount is within regulation and safety guidance.

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