Top 3 things to consider when buying a 4×4 snorkel

TJM Airtec Snorkel suit Toyota Prado 150 Series 2009-2013

4×4 Snorkels are an essential 4wd accessory for many vehicles looking to go offroad. Whether you are planning to go for a deep water crossing or just want to get cool clean air into your engine for better fuel efficiency and performance, the snorkel is an awesome addition to have on your 4×4.

The 4×4 Snorkel is usually one of the first 4×4 accessories fitted to a 4wd. This post will assist you with choosing the right snorkel for your 4×4 by listing 3 very important features to look out for.

Anyway, let us get down to it.


  • UV Stability

This is a very important feature to look out for when choosing a 4wd snorkel as Australia is known for its strong UV rays and high temperatures. Exposure of polyethylene (what the snorkel is made of) to UV radiation causes degradation of the material, which leads to defects, cracking and failure of the product. Hence the importance of choosing a snorkel that is built to withstand the high temperatures in Australia can be the difference between a Snorkel lasting you 10+ years instead of 2-3 years.

Airtec Snorkels - TJM Perth

TJM Airtec Snorkels are processed with materials UV 20 – 24 Certified

The Australian Standard for base resins accepts a rating of UV8, though TJM does not believe that this is a sufficient standard. TJM has gone a few steps further as TJM Airtec Snorkels are processed using materials with much higher UV ratings from 20-24. It’s no surprise that we have seen customers who have had their snorkels for over a decade with its colour and all parts in tact. We have also seen many horror stories of cheap imported snorkels losing their colour and degrading within 1-3 years of installing.

  • Design

Yes looking good is important but it is much more than that. A good 4×4 snorkel design leads to better performance and a much better fit to your vehicle. Our designs also ensure quality integration with your vehicle’s air box.

Typrical TJM Airtec Snorkel Design

The TJM Airtec Snorkel has a shorter body compared to many snorkels out there in the market. This design provides for an easy installation, not to mention look a lot more stylish on your offroad vehicle. Every snorkel is customised for each different type of 4wd for optimum performance. At TJM Perth we use silicon to seal all joints after fitting the Airtec Snorkel, which prevents water damage from occurring.

  • Clear Instructions

This is more for people who are planning to fit the 4×4 snorkel themselves. We cannot count the number of times where customers have told us horror stories of the lack of clarity and quality of instructions when they have purchased cheap 4×4 snorkels online. Some of them even come with copied instructions from a completely different brand! Google “bad DIY snorkels” and you can see the results for yourselves.

fitting a snorkel

A sneak peek on how we fit an Airtec Snorkel at TJM Perth

The Airtec Snorkels that we sell here at TJM Perth come with clear and easy instructions to make it easier for people who want to DIY. Although we strongly recommend for those who do not have much experience in this area to get it fitted by a professional.

TJM Airtec Snorkel brochure

Speak to one of our staff during business hours on (08) 9331 2788 to see if the Airtec Snorkel is the right options for you!