Bull Bar Review – 4wd Action Magazine 150

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If you have been on our bull bar page you might have seen us bragging out the fact that our bull bars have won the ‘Best Bull Bar’ Award from 4wd Action Magazine issue 150. Now we have gotten our hands on the bull bar review from the magazine to prove it!

4wd Action Magazine 150 Bull Bar Comparison

A snippet of the front cover

Unfortunately, that magazine issue is not longer available and there is not much information on it online. However, we have managed to get our hands on one and would like to present you with the summary the bull bar review in the ‘4wd Action Magazine 150 Bullbar Comparison’.

*Due to copyright reasons, we are unable to upload scanned copies of the magazine. However, we will provide our summary with the page number, in case you get your hands on one. We also have a copy at our shop in 9 Pritchard St, O’Connor WA 6163 and will be happy to show you if you visit us.

Bull Bar Review

A snippet of the front cover

The biggest comparison of Bullbars – Bull Bar Review

Source: Page 33-34 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 

The 4wd chosen for the test was the latest Toyota Hilux SR5 at the time (2010) as it was the most popular 4WD for a very long time. TJM provided 3 different bars for the test, the Outback, Tradesman and Signature Bar. Our 3 bars were compared with 7 other companies (10 bull bars). As each bar was fitted, notes were taken about the process and issues that were discovered. This has been the only independent bull bar comparison done between all the major brands out, there has not been a test like this before or after.

What is being tested?

Source: Page 34-35 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 

  1. Approach angle – Approach angle is the maximum angle of a ramp onto which a vehicle can climb from a horizontal plane without interference (generally higher ° is better)
    • 30.1° – with no bull bar
  2. Added length to vehicle
    • 60mm
  3. Suspension ride height – how much does the vehicle get lowered after fitting the bar
    • 700mm
  4. Destruction Testing – The 4x4s drove into a swinging weight at a calculated force to replicate crashing into a kangaroo when it pops up in front of you out of nowhere.

Destruction Test

A 44-gallon drum filled with 240kg of sand was to create the ‘Swinging Kangaroo. The calculation worked out to simulate hitting a 120kg kangaroo at 80km/h. After each impact test, the bars were dissected and analysed by the 4wd Action 150 crew and TAFE panel-beating educators. The aim was to look out for ‘bent wings’ and examining each bracket to check for damage.


Bull Bar Review – Results:

Source: Page 37 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 

TJM Signature Bar (formerly known as the T15 Alloy Deluxe Bar)

Awarded ‘Lightest Bar’

Lightest Bull Bar

Our Signature Bar was awarded the lightest bar award. It was also noted for its ‘bling factor’ from the polished look! Even though it wasn’t the strongest bar (not expected as it is alloy), it had a lot of great features.


  1. Approach angle – 30.5°
  2. Added length – 185mm
  3. Suspension drop – 5mm
  4. Destruction Testing – Bent Badly at side wing

Source: Page 38 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 

TJM Tradesman Bar (formerly known as the T15 Steel Fleet Bar)

Awarded ‘Equal Best’ for approach angle

There was almost nothing negative to be reviewed about the TJM Tradesman bar. It has a terrific finish and great jacking points (which TJM are known for). The bar does not have fog light provisions but it makes up for it with its very low cost.


  1. Approach angle – 31.6°
  2. Added length – 165mm
  3. Suspension drop – 9mm
  4. Destruction Testing – Bent Badly at side wing

Source: Page 38 – 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 

TJM Outback Bar (formerly known as the T13 Steel Outback Back)

Awarded ‘Best Overall Bar’ and ‘Best Jacking Points”


It is no secret that the TJM Outback Bar is the pride and joy of TJM. The bar is very well made and looks the part too! The fit was much better compared to the Tradesman bar. The high-lift jack points are rated as the best in the business by far. The T-slots secure a high-lift jack much better than an open square hole. In the destruction test, the bar held up well as it didn’t fold the side wing.


  1. Approach angle – 30.2°
  2. Added length – 190mm
  3. Suspension drop – 13mm
  4. Destruction Testing – Bar twisted slightly
  5. Suspension Upgrade required due to added weight

We have chosen not to post any of the bull bar reviews for non-TJM bull bars out of respect for the other companies. However, you are more than welcome to read about them on 4wd Action Magazine issue 150 from pages 33-50 or ask to read our copy of the bull bar review at our shop.

Overall the article talks how much the frontal protection products from many companies have improved a lot over the years. It talks about the great combination of protection, approach angle and ease of fitting that TJM bars have, which give us the edge.

Some Key Points:

  • Only 5 bars out of 13 tested have scored higher approach angles than 30.1°, which is the approach angle of the Hilux with no bull bar. (3 out of the 5 were TJM bars)
  • Only 4 bars had extra vehicle length of under 200mm (3 of them TJM Bars)
  • All TJM Bars had awards (Lightest Bar, Best Approach Angle and Best Overall)
  • TJM T-slots are known as highly-rated jacking points

We hope you enjoyed reading our summary of the 4wd Action Magazine 150 bull bar review.


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