Australia’s Best Off-Road Destinations

australias best off road destinations

Being a 4×4 off-roader in Australia means we’re fortunate enough to be in a position where we are totally spoilt for choice with amazing off-road destinations. We’ve tried to put these destinations in order of best to worst, but it’s just not possible. Each destination and journey offers its own unique challenge or experience.

We harp on a lot about being prepped for your journey and here’s no exception. The two things that you need the most are some choice 4×4 Accessories and plenty of time. A couple of weeks is the minimum you’ll need to comfortably enjoy these trips.

Kimberley. WA

With heaps of off-road opportunities throughout Kimberley, it would take you weeks to cover it all. Some highlights to pick from the multitude of stunning scenery are the Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park. Or you could try out the challenging Walcott Inlet track. Additional highlights include the Pigeon Hole, Saddleback Ridge or Saddleback Ridge. Whichever you decide, you will find that there are no shortage of challenges in the Kimberley. This includes steep climbs and descents, river crossings and sand areas. Kimberley has a lot to offer for the 4×4 off-roader not only in off-road challenges but in unforgettable scenery. That is why it continues to be one of our favourite off-road destinations.

the pigeon hole the kimberley australia

Pictured: The Pigeon Hole 4-Wheel Drive Track Photo Credit: El Questro

Cape York track. QLD

There is an abundance of opportunities for you to test your off-road driving skills in Cape York. Cape York is a place where you can find waterfalls, deserted beaches and an ancient rainforest all in one day. If you’re anything like us, you’ll go back time and time again. In Cape York, water crossing will be your biggest challenge. Jardine River and Gunshot Creek are a couple of examples of some pretty tricky crossings in Cape York. With all the water crossing a snorkel is a must have for a trip to Cape York. All-terrain tyres will also help with traction in the different landscapes you’ll encounter.

gunshot creek cape york track queensland

Pictured: Gunshot Creek Photo Credit: Carl Turner

Simpson Desert SA/QLD

As the biggest parallel sand dune desert in the world, it’s no wonder the Simpson desert is a popular 4×4 off-road destination. The ‘big red’ is the highest and most challenging dune in the Simpson and is a destination that every off-roader should visit. There are three main tracks to choose from with the French line being the most popular. Be prepared to see the biggest, most colourful sunsets of your life and get a feel for what it’s like to truly be alone in the wilderness. The must have 4×4 accessory for a Simpson desert trip is a UHF radio.

simpson desert french line south australia queensland

Pictured: Simpson Desert French Line Photo Credit: Exploroz

Being spoilt for choice in Australia has its down points, the main one being which to do first! There is no way we could cover all the great Australian off-road destinations here, but some other places worth noting include the west coast of Tasmania, Victorian High Country, the Flinders Ranges, Fraser Island, Corner Country, the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Great Australian Bight. Wherever you decided to go, make sure you get the right 4×4 accessories for the job and take plenty of time. There is no way you want to rush these unforgettable off-road drives.

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