Air Compressors – The Most Important 4×4 Accessory

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An Air Compressor is an absolute must for any 4×4 off-roader. One of the first things you do when you get off road, and in the sand is to release air pressure in your tyres. Then as soon as you’re back on the blacktop you put the air back in. That’s going to be tough to do without a good air compressor. That’s the most obvious reason but there are also a number of other handy uses, including powering an air locker, pumping up camping beds and cleaning out difficult to reach engine parts.

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a small electric motor that is able to pump out pressurised air. The pressure that it puts out is measured in pounds per square inch (psi), the same measurement that is used for you tyre pressure. They usually run off the car battery supply. Available in different designs that can either be a portable carryon or a mountable set. They’re essential for inflating your tyres and also re-seating a tyre that has come off its rim.


Pictured: TJM Air Compressor

Air compressor uses

Apart from the obvious, air compressors have a number of uses. For serious off-roading where you know you need to have maximum traction, an air compressor can be used in conjunction with TJM Pro Lockers. Pro Lockers are the number one accessory for heavy duty off-roading. Replacing the usual differentials on your 4×4 with TJM Pro Lockers will give you a massive difference in traction. TJM Pro Lockers work by instantly locking the differential, forcing the wheels on the same axle to spin together, which makes a big difference of very rough terrain.


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Pictured: TJM Air Compressor

Apart for from the impact on performance of your 4×4, the air compressor is also pretty handy for anything that needs inflating, from your mattress to a water raft. It makes light work of mundane tasks so you can spend your time doing something enjoyable (that includes a cool beer).

The other thing it is useful for is cleaning difficult to reach parts under the bonnet. You can use it to clear out any dust and debris from your radiator and air cleaner. When you’re out in the outback there is a hell of a lot of dust and debris that can get stuck up in those really difficult to reach places. The air compressor can effectively clear out those hard to reach places simply and effectively saving you potential difficulties down the line


Most air compressors will come with their own accessories. When you’re looking at what’s on offer, make sure you look for an air compressor that has everything that you think you will need in the pack. These include ball adapter, mattress adapters, storage case or bag and hosing.  Some will come with everything included which makes it a whole lot easier for you. Air compressors that come in a bag rather than a box will also save you space. Bulky boxes can take up a lot of much needed room and weight.

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